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Buy/Sell Plastics

Selling Your Plastic Waste to Luxus

If your business produces scrap plastic, we can work with you to convert this into incremental profit.
We recycle a vast range of plastic materials including HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PP, PC, PS, ABS, and PA and can accept anything from wheel bins to corrugated plastic board. In return, we can either pay competitive prices for scrap or granulated plastic or deliver the processed compound for you to reuse in the future.

Submit details of materials for Luxus to purchase via our sister site
Plastic can be collected nationwide and weight reports can be issued to support landfill tax credit submissions.
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Buying High Quality Polymer Compounds or Intermediates from Luxus

Luxus provides a convenient, cost-effective, single source of supply for a comprehensive selection of reground, engineered and custom plastics which are detailed in our product and stock grades tables below.

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Materials For Sale

Type No. Lot Material Weight Pallets Notes Enquire
15075 C40766 PE Black Alloy Compound 19,140kg 17 MFI 4.04, Izod 35.8
C40720 PE Black Alloy Compound 24,455kg 23 MFI 1.12, Izod 10.7, Load@Peak 836
17033 CC45093 ABS Black Compound 4000kg 4
17033 CC45115 ABS Black Compound 4650kg 5
RG17010 LCB6025 ABS Regrind (Jazz) 3373kg 3 MFI 15.8, Izod 11.2, Load at peak 1566, Strain at break 18.4
RG17010 LCB6503 ABS Regrind (Jazz) 1466kg 2 MFI 22.38, Izod 6.8, Load at peak 1240, Strain at break 4.2
RG17010 LCD3449 ABS Regrind 1084kg 1 MFI 17.3, Izod 18.7, Load at peak 1691, Strain at break 10.8
RG17010 LCD7716 ABS Regrind 1909kg 2 MFI 47.1, Izod 11.1, Load at peak 1434, Strain at break 6.04
RG17010 LCD7811 ABS Regrind 1403kg 1 MFI 35.06, Izod 18.9, Load at peak 1496.7, Strain at break 13.7
RG17010 LCB7111 ABS Regrind 980kg 1 MFI 28.82, Izod 16.9, Load at peak 1500.6, Strain at break 9.5
RG20100 LCA3326 PC Regrind (Jazz) 996kg 1 MFI 33.9, Izod 23, Load at peak 2248, Strain at break 9.1
RG20100 LCB1021 PC Regrind (Jazz) 918kg 1 MFI 80.22, Izod 18.5, Load at peak 2128, Strain at break 8.5
RG20100 LCB4928 PC Regrind (Jazz) 1406kg 2 MFI 100+, Izod 5.4, Load at peak 1673, Strain at break 3.16
RG20100 LCB6310 PC Regrind (Jazz) 1723kg 2 MFI 70+, Izod 8.2, Load at peak 1721, Strain at break 7.2
RG20100 LCB7347 PC Regrind (Jazz) 1146kg 1 MFI 48, Izod 20.5, Load at peak 2184, Strain at break 8.1
RG20100 LCD8267 PC Regrind (Jazz) 2666kg 3 MFI 51.86, Izod 6.4, Load at peak 1421.7, Strain at break 4
RG19108 LCA2330 PEHD Ex Corner Post Regrind (Jazz) 3849kg 4 MFI 0.56, Izod 25, Load at peak 644, Strain at break 66.3
RG19100 LCD1236 PEHD Blow Mould Regrind 7431kg 8 MFI 0.682, Izod 16.3, Load at peak 965, Strain at break 59.4
RG19108 LCD2290 PEHD Ex Corner Post Regrind (Jazz) 2661kg 3 MFI 0.76, Izod 25, Load at peak 653, Strain at break 228
RG19108 LCD2380 PEHD Ex Corner Post Regrind (Jazz) 7570kg 10
RG19108 LCD2731 PEHD Ex Corner Post Regrind (Jazz) 8093kg 10 MFI 0.8, Izod 31, Load at peak 710, Strain at break 462
RG19109 LCD2758 PEHD Blow Mould Regrind (Blue) 9679kg 11 MFI 0.39, Izod 22.8, Load at peak 940.5, Strain at break 75.5
RG19600 LCE4116 PEHD Wheelie Bin Regrind (Jazz) 21718kg 21 MFI 3.34, Izod 7.9, Load at peak 908, Strain at break 156.7
RG19300 LCE4117 PEHD Wheelie Bin Regrind (Green) 21082kg 21 MFI 3.66, Izod 8.6, Load at peak 935.8, Strain at break 122.5
RG19109 LCE4174 PEHD Blow Mould Regrind (Blue) 12662kg 12 MFI 0.38, Izod 21.2, Load at Peak 955, Strain at Break 54.8
RG19100 LCD1283 PEHD Blow Mould Regrind 6737kg 8 MFI 0.172, Izod 21.1, Load at peak 876, Strain at break 41.6
RG19100 LCE4121 PEHD Blow Mould Regrind 9658kg 10 MFI 0.56, Izod 17, Load at Peak 775, Strain at Peak 297
RG19107 LCD9874 PE Powder 893kg 1
RG14010 LCD2173 PS Regrind (Jazz) 2780kg 3 MFI 4.58, Izod 8.9, Load at peak 846, Strain at break 30
RG14010 LCD7599 PS Regrind 907kg 1
RG11104 LCD2891 PVC White Regrind 2311kg 2
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