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Luxus Makes Moves To Help Manufacturers Reduce Their Environmental Impacts

18th June 2018

Technical compounder Luxus is showcasing its high performance polymer range including PP thermoplastics and how they contribute to reducing the environmental impacts of manufacturers’ products at the PDM exhibition (, 19th-20th June 2018 (stand A009).

As one of the UK’s most advanced technical compounders Luxus has for over 50 years spearheaded the re-engineering of sustainable polymers into high quality, yet cost efficient technical compounds that deliver low carbon benefits and reduce landfill.

Peter Atterby, managing director, Luxus, comments on the challenges ahead: “The perceived environmental hazard plastics can present has been widely reported recently. To help manufacturers reverse these negative perceptions, we can offer an immediate carbon-positive solution in most polymers to support numerous industries.

“Attention is now being focused on how to effectively reduce environmental impacts; improve resource efficiency and lower carbon, all without any compromise in performance. While there is recognition too of the need to support the circular economy, rather than current linear approaches by prioritising ‘end-of-life’ needs through product design.”

Luxus leads the market on this issue of sustainability by offering a broad range of post-consumer recycled content grades to deliver added value even in the most demanding applications, from ‘A’ surface visible automotive interiors and recently exteriors, to rigid packaging and civil engineering.

In the automotive sector, its high performance PP portfolio including mineral and glass filled compounds meets the sustainability, technical and cost goals sought by the industry and is on par with virgin alternatives.

Luxus has continually invested in the development of lightweight compounds with enhanced scratch resistance for ‘A’ surface materials. Its Hycolene™ range for example, offers manufacturers the option of using up to 60% recycled content to further the environmental and technical performance of finished components. This latest iteration of the Hycolene range has the potential to take the density down to 0.850 without adverse effect on key mechanical properties.

Peter Atterby, managing director, Luxus, continues: “Currently, the ability to answer the call for materials with increased sustainability to help meet consumers’ eco-concerns is a business critical rather than an aspirational choice.”

For more information visit or stand A009 at the PDM 2018 show.


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Image: Luxus manufacturing plant.

Luxus Ltd (

UK leading independent technical plastics recycling and compounding company Luxus has been developing highly specified thermoplastics compounds based on prime and recycled feedstocks for 50 years. Luxus is a key supplier to the major names in the global auto industry and it was the first and still is the only UK business to achieve approval for its recycled grades in car interior trims.

Luxus also offers specialist ‘closed loop’ and ‘open loop’ recycling services to manage ‘end of life’ post industrial and consumer waste for the retail transit packaging, construction and local authority wheel bin markets.


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