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and Civil Engineering


Luxus manufactures a vast range of technical thermoplastic compounds for the construction industry that are supplied to customers across the UK and overseas.

These technical compounds are manufactured to meet the demanding service and long life requirements of the sector, and are used to manufacture a myriad of products. We have also developed a unique ability to work closely with designers, manufacturers, and specifiers alike to configure sustainable high-performance solutions.


Water management is one high profile application that has grown in importance following the prolonged flooding that has taken place with increasing regularity across the UK, Europe, and other regions. The industry has responded with more robust flood defence systems and Luxus has been actively involved in developing polymer compounds that can be used to construct these essential installations and the below ground water attenuation systems that often accompany them.

Luxus also has compounds specifically formulated for roof tile applications. Revisions to BS5534 have introduced more stringent specifications that require tiles to be individually locked into roof structures. Here, we again have worked with customers to develop compounds that meet the requirements of this change to standards. We seek to work with customers to offer them a complete plastics waste management solution which can include purchasing scrap materials and / or closed loop recycling solutions.

Other examples of Luxus-developed compounds for use in construction and civil applications include water meter housings, plastic kerb stones, piling and below ground foundations.


Our closed loop recycling initiatives also help to remove the need for waste plastics and pipework to be buried on site, stolen, or sold off to third parties. As such, we have delivered environmentally responsible solutions that allow contractors to carefully control surplus plastic materials.

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