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Luxus was incorporated in 1965 to provide the then emerging plastics industry with global customer-driven plastics waste solutions.

Our pioneering approach allowed the business to grow rapidly and enabled us to invest in our first plastics compounding line and polymer production facilities.

In 2014, we created a state-of-the-art Technical Centre to replace the first laboratory that we opened in 1982. This Centre further enhances our ability to re-engineer plastic waste materials into high performance plastic compounds for a diverse range of industry applications. In addition, our Technical Centre allowed us to develop unrivalled expertise in polymer technology and offer customers a portfolio of professional testing and analysis services.


Today, our head office and production facilities in Louth, Lincolnshire, are home to over 150 dedicated individuals and we are recognised as one of Europe’s foremost polymer recyclers and plastic compounds specialists. Luxus is also committed to innovation and continually invests in the latest recycling and manufacturing technologies.

As such, we can adapt rapidly to new market requirements, providing customers around the world with a unique service and supplying quality assured compounds every year.

Luxus Timeline

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