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Recycled plastics to play a key role in combatting pollution

Updated: Jul 11

We are proud pioneers in sustainable innovation and polymer technology, and have been leading the way in cutting edge compounding and recycling capabilities since 1965. With this insight and perspective, we know all about the key role that recycled plastics have to play in combatting pollution for a more sustainable future, so we were delighted to see this excellent article from Plastic Recyclers Europe.

We’re proud to provide our customers with environmentally responsible options and solutions by recycling most plastics, and producing quality-assured, high performance polymer compounds for use in a variety of applications.

You can read more about our unrivalled expertise and state-of-the-art recycling and compounding capabilities right here on our website or, if you have particular requirements that we may be able to help you with, talk to our friendly team today on 01507 604941

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